Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Arrogance of Stupidity: In response to Neil Gabler's February 22, 2011 editorial "The arrogance divide -- Why can't liberals capture the populist moment?" (Link below) I responded to his Globe editorial.

As a proud liberal I loathe that this nation glorifies those qualities which are the least admirable and deescalates those qualities of greatest import. A smile becomes more important than intelligence, wavy hair or an elite family background more important than academic excellence. Bluster is often more important than thoughtful and careful understanding of policy and history. Historically embedded in our nation's sinew is an anti-intellectual essence where erudite academic intellect is to be scorned and mediocrity becomes a virtue.

Does one want intellectual truth as best as man is able to determine it or does one want myths, falsehoods and the showmanship of a Ringling Brothers Circus or a Southern Baptist preacher to prevail? I will take an MIT/Harvard intellect any day over a William Jennings Bryan, a Father Coughlin or the stupidity that is a proud part of the American Tea Bag and other American populist historical movements.

Cures for physical maladies come from the best and the brightest science has to offer, careful intellectual scrutiny and a breadth of knowledge capable of competing with the entire world. A great nation is NOT born from the cesspool of anti-rational thought, anti intellectuality and utter stupidity. It is born from the hard work of study, the questioning of the status quo and the reproducible truths that only science can bestow. Ignorance, superstition and an unquestioning public will in evolutionary fashion erase a culture. Those who try to achieve academic excellence will survive!

The Walker Hoax: A caller on Bill Press Show was talking about a list of personal things the bill for which Walker sticks to the Wisconsin public. The so called governor Walker of Wisconsin simply wants to emasculate unions one of the few sources of Democratic support. Walker gives plenty of money to his cronies and sticks the state with the bill for personal things.

Not only that this hypocrite of hypocrites has inserted in that bill all kinds of pork the contracts of which would go to his cronies. The electorate of Wisconsin is paying for his parties that he has every week, his cable TV, his stationery, and a PLETHORA of other personal freebies he has STUCK on the Wisconsin public to pay.

He is the worst hypocrite who is not the least concerned with saving money for the state but IS concerned with negating the unions and Democratic opposition and spreading Republican power nationwide. Having Republicans as governors and state legislators brings you to this. Maybe the American people will finally get it. This is a naked power grab to gain HUGE oligarchical power pure and simple.

They want to rape the American public by using OUR money to pay for their personal fun and amenities and they will give out contracts to cronies who support them. The list of things they want is endless giving out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts to their cronies who have given to their campaigns and the Republican Party. Yes, Democrats do that too BUT Republicans, the party of the corporation, takes that to Herculean heights. Governor Walker is symptomatic of a national power grab attempt to ensure Republicans will control EVERYTHING everywhere in every state and in the three branches of the federal government as well. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Give to opposition groups when you can and support unions for state workers as well!

Stand in solidarity with the Wisconsin state workers.