Wednesday, March 27, 2013


for joy quite yet because it will take months before the decision is made but the headlines on NBC are below as is the link to the story!


Here's the story:

Who would have EVER believed it in the late 1960's when I became politically active.  It was in the days of Anita Bryant and all that followed. I am thankful for SO SO SO many who are young even before they understand the reality who they are this decision HOPEFULLY will save them from thinking they are something awful or worse ending their lives. 

 I put the big change at AIDS and the outing of big celebrities because of it and of course Stonewall in 1969 the first time gays rioted in Greenwich Village and the late 60's that changed everything.  AMAZING.  Truthfully, I am  hopeful but it ain't over til it's over.  The pro marriage straight religious wingnuts had NO argument.  Their representation could simply mount no defense but we'll see in three months when the decision is handed down.