Friday, August 10, 2012

Fond Remembrances of the Poll Tax Era -- SOMEBODY PAHLEESE HELP

A quick less than syntactically perfect opinion. The title to this opinion lest anyone take everything literally, is, of course, sarcastic!

Listening to Rachel Maddow last evening was tantamount to raising my blood pressure to 200. She reported on the HEIGHT of viciousness and undemocratic unfairness. It is equal ONLY to the years before the 1965 Voting Rights Act bringing back fond memories when the last gasp of the white south to retain power was to make voting tied to a payment -- the poll tax. People of color often poor, living in the vicious segregationist racist soaked south, could not pay and therefore could not vote. Voter suppression is now illegal reversed over decades by people who were brave enough to fight it and who sometimes gave their lives fighting against it.

Now it is happening yet again and often includes the pre-Civil War "FREE" states of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and others that are CRITICAL for the president to win re-election. He handily did win those states in 2008 when voting was fair. Since then 2010 happened and Republican legislatures have made a concerted effort to deny Democrats fair voting access through a myriad of what should be illegal means.

The instant case involves Ohio's Republican Secretary of State, Jon Husted, who gave a signed thumbs up yesterday which will allow early voting in ONLY Republican counties. Early voting makes voting easier especially in a state in which many in 2004 were denied access to the polls because of voter volume and a Republican effort to deny thousands the right to vote. Democratic counties which are some of the biggest counties in Ohio like Cuyahoga County and others Mr. Husted dictates CANNOT vote early.

Yes, you are incredulous and so am I. Instead of screaming or crying I decided to put an email out and send it to the immediate world.

What can you do? You can write, you can call AND you can send this to ANYONE you may know or even to an attorney you may know in Ohio, US attorneys or the Justice Department in those states which are doing these dastardly deeds asking someone to bring suit against this flagrant abridgment of the 1965 Voting Rights Act by Republicans who are using any means necessary no matter how corrupt or illegal to deny Democrats i.e. African Americans, elderly, disabled, Hispanics and more the right to vote.

This action in Ohio is barbaric, regressive and inflammatory in the extreme. I HOPE our friends in Ohio take this injustice very seriously as it could mean the difference between our president's reelection or the 1% advocate Willard Mitt Romney elevated to the presidency illegally. It is OUTRAGEOUS. If you want to know more about it Google Rachel Maddow's show and I am sure you can get the details.

In the final analysis ELECTIONS MATTER. 2010 Congressional and State elections were BRUTAL for Democrats and we are paying now for voter apathy then. Governors and state legislatures ARE important and we MUST reverse 2010 Republican deadly poisonous infection but we cannot do a thing if we are denied the right to vote equally the same as everyone else.