Saturday, August 20, 2016

Even Losing Is Winning -- By NYT Neal Gabler

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My Comment:

Neal Gabler wrote a brilliant article. I can only salivate at his talent for the written expression of captivating verbiage. I agree with all he said.

I might add, though, if Trump is doing as Gabler says in his well-written article and IF we the people do not support Trump's efforts at complete media success even after he loses the election then we the people are the real losers. We have only ourselves to blame as we have the control. I say to all those who can read or listen when the Trump channel is on our cable TV of choice turn the channel to another and do not let Trump win his last race.

The Kardashians are allegedly some of the most famous reality TV stars their lives of glitz and glamour filled with conflict and empty words so I am told. I would not know any of the Kardashians (except, perhaps, Caitlan through mainstream news) if I tripped over them because I refuse to watch inanity. I gain nothing from someone's shallow conspicuous consumptive life that bears absolutely no resemblance to my own.

It Can Happen Here

The HATEFUL Trump EXTREMIST Republican Party MUST MUST be stopped. Those who compose Trump's campaign are another part of that Party that most do not even know exists. They are filled with KKK and American Nazis type nationalists who are right wing extremist racists. They see power in Trump they never thought existed. They are poised with guns loaded to make sure he gets into the White House.

They are threats to ALL of us. If you have Muslim friends, relatives, daughters or sons, if you have Jewish friends, relatives, daughters and sons, if you have disabled friends, relatives, daughters or sons, if you have homosexual relatives, friends, daughters or sons, if you have persons of color and Hispanic people who are friends, relatives daughters and sons whom you love this Trump Republican movement is NOT I repeat NOT your friend. We MUST electorally TAKE THEM DOWN and if you do not vote you are voting against all those with whom you interact every day and those you love.

DO NOT SIT HOME ON ELECTION DAY. VOTE and get everyone you know in this nation who is a good person, a humane person, who cares if human beings are rounded up like cattle with machine guns at their back having their lives and their children's lives torn asunder to vote. Trump is about the fringe Party of white racists and all his attempts to cover that up with seeming kinder rhetoric are a sham. He does not care what he said before he does what is in his heart and his heart, made of stone, is a narcissistic sociopath who now sees the road to power in the right wing hateful extremist fringe of the Republican Party whom he knows support him.

This happened before in history and while I never ever thought it would I now think it COULD happen here and make no mistake about it IF you do not vote for those who oppose hate you are voting Trump -- God forbid -- into the White House.