Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Just in case the coward named "Anonymous" checks my blog even though some of what he/she said has some credence if it is infused with vitriol and makes an outrageous claim like the Democratic Party is filled with rich people then I will not print it.

What and the Republicon Party is the party of the poor?  Get real.  To get printed on my blog the opposition must have a well thought out retaliatory ideas which are not laced with personal invective.  Since the Republicon Party is FILLED to the brim with know nothings I am not surprised that the opposition that is hurled at my point of view is not particularly cogent.

Posting as Anonymous too shows a lack of backbone to stick up for your own point of view.

Just so you will know why not much is published is because very little commentary is levied in good faith, well thought out and articulate.  There is of course not an articulate bone in the entire Republicon Party!  When there is please feel free to comment and I will publish it.

Rabbi allegedly misused funds to keep liaison with teen quiet--A Shanda (shame) for Jews?

The above story appears in the Globe today and is an extension of two others stories by the Globe surrounding the resignation of a Rabbi Starr from a conservative temple in Sharon, MA. allegedly for sexual and monetary improprieties. I place the article here or below for your review.
Someone asked me as a Jew do I feel shame.  My answer: 150% NO absolutely not.  It simply reinforces the thoughts I already have of the inherent nature of corrupt religion and that applies across the board as we see so well in the scandal of the Catholic Church which has been hurt, perhaps in some ways, critically for a long time and maybe forever.  It has cost the Church billions. But it is not only the Catholic Church as we know so well.  Sexual and monetary moral indiscretions exist in all denominations ultra-orthodox, orthodox, conservative and even liberally religious ones where a congregation can be taken for a Disneyland-like ride.  Why?  Because people need what religion is selling and it sells well.
How much money does one think it takes to run something like the Crystal Cathedral or support the right wing religious Bob Jones University or Joel Olsteen's Lakewood Church?  Google all of them and you can be taken to a site that says "Give" "God Multiplies What We Give."  It takes a ton of bucks to support organized religion and they are counting on you the congregants and believers that you will need them so much to escape and explain the vicissitudes of life that you will support them seldom questioning a thing when it comes to the money one is handing over to them. Rabbis, priests, and ministers, are not saints they are men and subject to the frailties of all men.
The first time, the very first time Rabbi Starr gave Zeimetus $100 bucks to keep his silence for the sexual liaisons the rabbi was allegedly having, the rabbi was a doomed man.  More money would follow to the tune of nearly $500,000 to pay not only for silence but to allegedly pay several bills for the extortionist, including $148.54 to T-Mobile, $540.63 to Progressive Direct Insurance, and $537.32 to even NStar.  The rabbi if all is to be believed even took money from an 87 year old Holocaust survivor!  How is this possible? I must move on before my head explodes.
Both are guilty if all is true of one of the most egregious crimes perpetrated in part by a clergyman whom I assume has taken many courses in ethics.  But in no way am I ashamed to be a Jew.  I am ashamed that members of the human race do things that hurt, deceive, defame and dupe the innocent among us (including the rabbi's family) and, in the final analysis, bring dishonor to themselves and most everything for which they stand.