Saturday, April 29, 2017


I am staggered by the New York Times article by Peter Baker entitled "How Trump has Reshaped the Presidency, and How It's Changed Him" (Linked below). He gives Mr. Trump a pass on the plethora of alleged unethical, immoral, constitutionally ignorant and potentially illegal behaviors of the most unfit for the office of the presidency in US history.Donald Trump is a president who makes me cringe with embarrassment for other nations to see. I shout with fury at his flagrant abuse of our democratic processes as well as those racist supporters he allows within the oval office. I keep hoping I will wake up from this electoral nightmare.

Mr. Trump has, as Mitt Romney predicted, perfected the greatest con ever sold and made the presidency his very own nepotistic cash cow. From his alleged treasonous behavior towards Russia to his alleged money laundering, gargantuan conflicts of interest and his flouting of the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution he swore to uphold, this nation should not rest until Mr. Trump and his henchmen are brought to justice.

Either we are a nation of laws applicable to everyone including the richest and most powerful among us or we are not. Benjamin Franklin after the Constitutional Convention of 1787 answered a woman who asked him what form of government we had -- a monarchy or a republic. He said "a republic if you can keep it." Unless Mr. Trump is impeached, tried and, if the mountain of evidence shows, found guilty I believe we do not have a republic but an undemocratic oligarchy that exists solely for the top 2% of the population and no one else.