Sunday, October 17, 2010

JUST SHOW UP: I think we CAN do better than the prevailing media is saying. They are drowning Democrats in gloom and doom. I had a physician friend who used to say to me DO NOT READ THE MEDICAL BLURBS!! You know why? The media is about the sensational. It is about ratcheting up the moment to increase THEIR own bottom line so the pill pushers, their clients, can make MONEY. When the pill pushers make money the media makes money and the only way THEY can make money is to try to sensationalize the public appetite to watch their shows!

SO TOO WITH POLITICS. The media is NOT JUST about reporting facts. They are about making SURE you watch their news broadcast and they make sure you do that by ramping up the conflict and the fear. News NOW is ENTERTAINMENT. By saying Republicans will automatically win they just may get some sensational news as many would love nothing more than relate it to an Obama slide.

I THINK they are overstating the degree that Republicans will win. Give this president a chance to work his magic. He KNOWS what he is doing. Wouldn't it be great to ruin ALL those prediction doomsayers telling us Democrats are going down to a Republican takeover? I DO NOT THINK DEMOCRATS ARE GOING DOWN. I think we can GO UP by simply SHOWING UP. Yes, that is a winning phrase: Democrats WILL GO UP by simply SHOWING UP November 2, 2010 to VOTE DEMOCRATIC. If you can help a Democrat at risk in another state or in this state with a contribution no matter how large or small please DO SO.

All of our hard work, all of our effort and all of our HOPE is on the line. Programs we need to live and to survive are on the line. NOTHING I know of that is worth anything is easy to get. This time though it really IS easy JUST SHOW UP at the polls and VOTE Democratic and tell ALL THOSE YOU KNOW FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE -- white, black, Hispanic, Indian, and many others in every state just VOTE DEMOCRATIC like your life depends upon it because in the FINAL analysis IT DOES!!