Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan The Terrible

The pick of Paul Ryan as Romney's VP is proof positive how nothing can be taken for granted.  If you think Romney is bad and I SURELY do, Ryan is 1000 times worse and he's young and cute I suppose if you like that type!  Kiss Medicare and Social Security goodbye if they get in and especially get in with a Republican Congress.  Read the 100% correct quote from a blogger and heed!

One blogger said it perfectly:  I just took my 90 year old mother for radiation. She has cancer. She handed over her "freedom-hating entitlement card" and it will cost her very little for treatment. Thank heavens for FDR. I know that without Medicare and her supplemental she would have no hope. Unfortunately if we elect these two, the prognosis for people my age (55) heading into old age will be abysmal. No 50+ person should vote for these two. I know first hand that no amount of saving in a privatized system can protect people from rising healthcare costs. I hope these two tank and burn by Labor Day.