Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Quiver of Arrows-Letter to the New York Post--Consequences for Paladino

See link below to the New York Post Article entitled "Uncle Slam! Gay Nephew Blasts Carl -- Very offended by kin’s ugly remarks"

Dear Ms. Fermino: There are times in life when one CANNOT take something back. There are times when an apology does NOT matter. This is such a time for Carl Paladino. His apology to the gay community rings hollow as one may SUSPECT he is apologizing because he KNOWS how much damage his vile comments did to his campaign and how idiotic he looked playing footsie with religious fanatics kow towing to those who espouse ideologically fundamentalist and mystical views. It alienated a LARGE number of New Yorkers, other Jews such as myself, as well as a large number of gays, parents, friends of gays AND even other Republicans who KNOW what the future is dictating for gay rights. Some in the Republican ranks have even been at the forefront of the fight.

The gay community has come a long way inside of forty years. ALL of these rancid impediments to human beings who have known up until now NOTHING but impediments to THEIR freedom despite how much they love the country, finally see some light at the end of a long dark tunnel. We have a LONG way to go but we have made GREAT inroads. We know how important it is for one to love oneself first and then oppose VOCIFEROUSLY anyone who would deny rights to one minority group that everyone else takes for granted.

Mr. Paladino's candidacy, in my opinion, IF it even had any credibility before, has NONE now. He is a rude, crude, angry, political hack, immoral opportunist NO different from those he says he rejects. He does NOT reject them. On the contrary he IS one. I look forward to a Governor Cuomo. No matter what the outcome, the rest of the country should be on notice we will NOT allow ANYONE to kick gays around any longer. If they do there will be electoral, prosecutorial and courtroom consequences. Finally, we have at least those arrows in our quiver.