Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Republican debate sum up in one word and one paragraph

One word summary of the Republicon so called "debate": Bellicose. Okay four words -- mean, cruel and unconstitutional.

Most of the so called Republican "candidates" for the presidency want to protect the nation through bellicose lies, eternal force costing thousands more lives, millions more in cash and would keep this nation fighting that war, essentially, forever. "Enduring war depletes the fiscal reserves of a nation," the smartest analysis one  blogger wrote. Carpet bombing a nation into submission making the sand glow in the desert while killing thousands of innocents is a war crime and does nothing to win hearts and minds of those a nation bombs. To the contrary it creates more enemies who desire to inflict more harm on this nation. That said the military must appear strong, capable, modern and repaired but that does not mean eternal war. Eternal war decays a fighting force. Yes, we live in a dangerous world BUT our perpetual war actions making great wealth for the war industry and the candidates for the presidency it supports make an even more dangerous world! Why Trump has the support he does I will never understand. He could not answer a question about particular policy and spouts the same sound bite blubber as he did when he first announced his candidacy. Carson who knows nothing either except perhaps brain surgery did not know what he was talking about comparing taking a tumor out of a child's brain to an army killing innocents. Both do not want it done, he thinks, but are glad in the end that it was. Perhaps the relatives of the innocent dead of those bombed into submission would say otherwise. Maybe Carson's brain needs a little help.