Sunday, December 13, 2015

Something funny for a change!

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"I've made a big decision. I'm entering the race for president of the United States of America," said Ferrell's Bush said in the show's cold open.

The "Problem" -- CNN Tapper's Interview with Trump

Again and again the media does NOT follow up with the correct questions to Donald Trump's outrageous policy statements. He is always talking about the "problem."

How about asking if Muslims in this country and outside of this country would rail against his policies?  Would those policies provoke violence and not stop it? I suggest his policies will get people killed and it will NOT have the effect of stopping the "problem" but will enhance it.

Trump wants to get at the "problem" and find out what is causing the "problem." Why did not Tapper introduce the issue of American foreign policy over decades causing the "problem." Radicalized Muslims hate American boots on their soil. The US has had thousands of boots on their soil and built hundreds of bases which create the appearance of permanent occupation all over the Middle East. Worse, and I aver the etiology of the "problem" began with a Bush war based on lies against a sovereign nation that did nothing to us and still worse exploded the Middle East into sectarian war complete with the entrance of Al Qaeda and ISIS which were never before there.

How about asking Trump if his inane and impossible-to-implement solutions would make the "problem" worse!?

Would American boots on the ground for oil increase the "problem" and would this nation asking what religion someone is before entering the country increase that "problem" about which Trump is inordinately concerned?

The mainstream media FAILS to ask appropriate questions as if this nation is so innocent of fault for its present day circumstance. Ask Trump how US foreign policy in the Middle East has created the "problem." The media avoiding that question is the true political correctness over which boundaries it refuses to step.