Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mad about "Mad Men" ending--talking forever

I read about “Mad Men” soon coming to an end. The actors are dreading its end I and do not want it to end either. I loved this series and its creator Mathew Weiner. The actors were genius and the plot accurate to the times. Kudos to all who made this great work of art happen. It is destined, I think, for Smithsonian preservation embalmed for all time.

I loved that era emerging out of the catatonic 50's into the awakened 60's and ending that decade in the overthrow of the status quo. I never wanted the late 60’s to end. I mourn its passing and still long for its return. Yes, sure, nothing lasts forever but I can wish some things did.

The late 60's breathed a blast of new air into my lungs giving my life meaning and purpose. I/we reap its benefits (and its difficulties) to this day. Despite the downside of that era, I would never want to go back to the mores and lifestyle of the 1950's. It was toxic to women, it was toxic if one were disabled, it was toxic to African Americans and if one were gay the only options available were either lying about oneself or suicide.

We may still suffer from the same Post World War II deathly foreign policy but it does get questioned by those of us who learned to question everything and to try to speak truth to power holding them accountable.

This series spoke to me and I can wish it would keep talking forever!