Thursday, September 09, 2010

Changing the Polls: The polls between Republicans and Democrats are closing. The obstacle to our Democratic party keeping the majority in both the House and possibly the Senate is the ENTHUSIASM factor. THAT poll seems to be in the Republican favor. Simply put Republicans are more enthusiastic than are Democrats about voting in November. The Republicans are for November what Democrats were for in November, 2008. We had a YEARNING, a ZEST, a FERVENT desire for change and for SIGNIFICANT change of the playing field and we did just that. That kind of enthusiasm is EXACTLY what we need this November as well.

There is a TON at stake. The Republicans in their own inimitable way, are talking about significant investigations of the Obama administration in their attempt to take him and his administration down for 2012. This tie up of the legislature is a vehicle they can use and HAVE used to gum up the works. Moreover, they have FURTHER threatened IF they gain power to repeal every bit of legislation including and most especially health care which is one of the Democratic crown jewels. It wasn't perfect BUT it was hugely better than we had and it was a start. That would mean, among many other things, that insurance cancellation for a preexisting conditions would go back to as it was for decades. That is just ONE of the things they could, in fact, repeal even over an Obama veto IF they take both the House and the Senate. They want to take away Social Security an absolute success story dating back to FDR and place it at the whim of the stock market. Wow what a horror story THAT would have been in December, 2008 had they done that. They want to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans thereby keeping the deficit high by reducing the tax base. Lets reduce the tax burden of the middle class while those who make millions pay a slightly higher rate similar to the Clinton era. It was not a bad rate but Republicans, after the 2000 election, showed they are NOT about most of us.

No one who voted for Barack Obama as I did wants that. We may not have gotten all we wanted but we STILL got a lot and over years it can truly work in our favor even more. Just today a judge lifted the stay on stem cell research. This was another promise by the president in which he came through for us. Because of him IMPORTANT CURES for many horrific diseases and conditions could be the future in medicine. It COULD improve existing life for millions. We also got hate crimes legislation for sexual orientation. A possible repeal of don't ask don't tell may become reality.

We simply cannot go back. The Republicans are SO extreme, so divisive, SO obstructionist and SO hateful it would NOT shock me if they repealed Democratic legislation over and above a certain veto from the president.

The stakes could not be higher. It is JUST as important as it was to rid ourselves of the Bush/Republican FAILED policies which took decades to create and drove us into a huge ditch as it is EQUALLY important to KEEP our majorities in both the House AND the Senate.

So, we need ALL Democrats, ALL progressives, ALL independents who KNOW what the Republicans say is so often lies, to VOTE in November for Democrats. Republicans are bought and sold by the corporation so we TRULY WILL have a REAL oligarchy if they get majorities. Economically, things are just BEGINNING to be improved. The bailouts were repaid. These bailouts, while difficult to swallow, are proving to have been a lifesaver despite a slow recovery. It takes a LONG time when and entire nation of 350 million has to be lifted out of a ditch. GIVE OUR PRESIDENT A CHANCE to do what I KNOW he will and what he already has, in pertinent part, done IF the Congress will not defeat his agenda.

Politics is the art of compromise. Our president knows that and tries to govern that way. The opposition, however, will NEVER compromise on any of their horrific plans. The Republican party is NOT about you. It is about the top 2% wealthiest of our nation. Republicans are about the art of the UNCOMPROMISING.

Please VOTE Democratic in November, tell your friends and family to VOTE Democratic in November, tell ANYONE who will listen who is an ally to our cause to VOTE Democratic in November. We can reverse this rancid possible voting trend IF we get the vote out for Democrats! YES, we can, YES we DID and YES we WILL do again IF we get out the vote!