Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Levi’s Last Word: Lawrence O’Donnell had Levi Johnston on his new MSNBC show “The Last Word.” What can one say about the performance of Levi Johnston? Secretly, I was hoping he had SOME -- just a FEW -- articulate abilities and a LITTLE smidgen cogent opinion about issues since he is contemplating a run for Mayor of Wasilla – sound familiar? I thought he might study up. Of course, Mayor of Wasilla does not mean a direct line to the White House, does it? Asking a 20 year old man who never graduated high school questions that a serious student of policy going to Georgtown University could be more qualified to answer I thought was ridiculous for Larry O'Donnell to do. What was I hoping for? I was hoping the boy, who looks rather like an Adonis, had SOME – just a LITTLE -- cerebral ability or that he PREPARED for the show. I was secretly hoping then he would become a Democrat and help change some of the nature of our rancid politics. Okay, so I hoped stupidly! I admit it, mea culpa.

Why he would go on Lawrence O'Donnell's show the "Last Word" and subject himself to that humiliation is beyond me. Was it for money, perhaps? Why would I think THAT? Well, because he was so OBVIOUSLY ignorant of really EVERYTHING even citing "Field and Stream" as the only magazine he reads certainly, he says, "NOT the "New York Times." Heaven forbid he read THAT paper. I wonder CAN he read at all? It shows me, however, just what type of person with whom Bristol Palin, the daughter of a former VP candidate one heartbeat away from the presidency, hung around. Not ONLY did she hang around with him but chose him to be the father of her illegitimate child. Further, the Tea Baggers say nothing. I THOUGHT they were for family values and abstinence? To me a mother with a young child takes CARE of that young child especially if she comes from far away Alaska rather than traipsing around to go on "Dancing with the Stars" shamelessly in a skimpy dress with her leg up erotically on the gentleman with whom she was dancing.

Who cares for the Palin BROOD? Does mamma grizzly Sarah? I doubt it as she hop scotches around the country selling her hateful what passes for ideology to the highest bidder. Does Bristol care for her baby brother with Downs Syndrome AND her OWN toddler? I doubt it as she dances her way to the stars. These people are DREADFUL. Not only do they have the IQ of a seven year old but they have the lowest of the low family values. Is this the stuff John McCain thought perfectly fit to run the country? Since McCain was a senior citizen who has had cancer several times, succession to the presidency of the idiotic utterly unqualified Palin could EASILY have taken place.

This country is SHAMEFUL as some put their trust in the MOST UNTRUSTWORTHY and BLATANTLY UNQUALIFIED INSIPID IDIOTS who seek to thrust their stupidity upon the rest of the nation. The fact that some in the Tea Bag Party may actually get elected nationally in the most powerful nation on earth is the MOST CHILLING bit of news since the explosion of the atomic bomb. That they even have a chance is UNCONSCIONABLE, telling and pathetic indeed!