Friday, October 12, 2012

The Debate -- a Cooler Look

My first post last night was a little emotionally driven because I was SO happy that the VP was a TIGER.  If you go to a conservative blog you will be reading only about style NOT substance.  They do not like that Biden smiled.  Well, I loved it as it showed passion.  The VP KNEW he had to deliver the base and he SURELY did.  We were out for bear and we got it.  The experience of Joe Biden showed.  There was no match.  
On Afghanistan Biden knocked Ryan out of the water.  Ryan knows little about it.  He is much too inexperienced and Republicans are a trigger happy ticket.  It's easy to bloviate from a chair in a college auditorium MUCH harder to do in reality when one MUST deal with allies who want NO MORE WAR, the American people who want NO MORE WAR and the indigenous people of Afghanistan if we stay forever will just hate us more and find a way to God forbid attack us.  The Afghanistani street wants us out of their country.  Even Ron Paul says that we cannot afford another expensive war making trillions for the corporatists who live on making war.  Ryan said he went to Afghanistan several times and Joe said he went 1200 times.  It was laughable.  And Biden laughing?  Well I'd rather have that then someone looking down at a pad of paper taking notes thinking he did not want to be impolite.  If it's one thing Biden will do on policy issues he cares about is not care about being polite!  
What you have to know:  Republicans say they are about the 100% but they are NOT as Romney was caught red handed saying he knows he lost 47%. Republicans lie ALL the time which is why it is so hard to keep up with them in a debate unless you have a memory that remembers the date you first learned to tie your shoe.  But Biden hit those lies and hammered his opponent with them.  
Republicans since Social Security was conceived by FDR have wanted to get rid of it not caring about the 99% who will need it when they age.  They were looking for it then and want it now for their Wall Street cronies who stand to make not billions but trillions permanently IF it is privatized.  You, however, stand to lose your shirt when you need it most as you age because the market is a gambling casino and the house will NEVER lose but you will.
A voucher for Medicare will leave seniors ultimately with money that is laughable to pay for the humongous costs of health care.  It's simply ridiculous and takes the onus off of the government help those who cannot help themselves.  It will in a word leave you ultimately BROKE as a voucher system will leave the 99% incapable of affording health care and permanently broke if a catastrophic illness ensues.  As people age we KNOW most do not leave this earth easily in their sleep at age 95 with no prior illness.  We age, our bodies break down over years and ultimately death's release comes with dollar bills attached to it.  It's the reality of our culture that can extend life well beyond the average span of our species.  We are a patchwork of treatments that cures nothing but keeps the human body functioning.  THAT requires big bucks in pharmaceutical, doctor and hospital costs. 
KUDOS, VP Biden.  You did a FANTASTIC job.  It was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.  In the morning i.e. now I did not have to wake up and say what went wrong.  EVERYTHING for those of us who are progressive went absolutely right.