Monday, December 10, 2012

Who I will print

Warning:   I am NOT posting comments that are rude, vitriolic and just plain nasty.  If you want to argue policy or points on MY view great.  I will be glad to entertain them BUT they must be written since they are directed at one person, with cogent, polite commentary.

My views are not directed to a person but rather groups that are trying to influence policy and not in ways I deem humane.  My viewpoint is I will give you passionate but to an individual I NEVER insult and if I have I apologize for that.

Fine you want to post opposing opinion I will be more than glad to post it but I will not be made to feel personally bad.  It's my OPINION that is ALL it is.  I hold NO elective office, I wield NO power except through my pen and I do not ever hope of holding elective office.  Frankly, I do not know how those who hold office do it ESPECIALLY progressives who generally, like me, simply want to help their fellow man who needs the help ONLY government can provide.

If you oppose that fine. Say it decently and I will print it!

An Important Link

I have now DVR'd Democracy Now which appears on my local cable station on Fios Channel 43

I am enclosing a link here and below to this incredible independent news network which gives information and the TRUTH on the vital questions and occurrences of the day WITHOUT corporate influence skewing the news and showing you ONLY what the corporate sponsors WANT you to see. You may THINK you are getting the news from sources such as NBC Brian Williams and all the other corporate clones but you are NOT.

Look at the cover page of Democracy Now and see how you can obtain a live stream from your own cable network. It's as easy as sitting in front of your own cable TV and turning to the station that carries it.

At this moment Amy Goodman from Democracy Now is reporting on a live stream feed from the climate change summit and reporting about the devastation in the Philippines of a massive typhoon which has already killed 500 and injured thousands depriving millions of homes. It is a catastrophe CLOSELY related to our own climate change catastrophes we have witnessed ALL over the country most recently New York City and surrounding areas. This is a global problem and we TRULY are all in this together.

Mother nature knows NO politics and will proceed with the science construct of man as it is. It is ONLY man who can reverse this deadly trend and we can ONLY do that with the information we have. I enclose the link below which will enable you to find the many stations there that carry Democracy Now. Demand your cable network carry this important true reality based news.

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