Monday, December 10, 2012

Who I will print

Warning:   I am NOT posting comments that are rude, vitriolic and just plain nasty.  If you want to argue policy or points on MY view great.  I will be glad to entertain them BUT they must be written since they are directed at one person, with cogent, polite commentary.

My views are not directed to a person but rather groups that are trying to influence policy and not in ways I deem humane.  My viewpoint is I will give you passionate but to an individual I NEVER insult and if I have I apologize for that.

Fine you want to post opposing opinion I will be more than glad to post it but I will not be made to feel personally bad.  It's my OPINION that is ALL it is.  I hold NO elective office, I wield NO power except through my pen and I do not ever hope of holding elective office.  Frankly, I do not know how those who hold office do it ESPECIALLY progressives who generally, like me, simply want to help their fellow man who needs the help ONLY government can provide.

If you oppose that fine. Say it decently and I will print it!

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