Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Statement to Justice Scalia--On Homosexuality

The Supreme Court has a comment section. I left a few choice off the cuff words on it for Justice Scalia.

Justice Scalia: You are quoted as having said the following: 


You are equating feelings against homosexuality with feelings against murder? I would say we can have feelings against most anything we find objectionable EVEN blacks marrying whites or feelings against integration of blacks and whites and our Constitution could be seen as supporting that and has OR not and now does not. The homosexuals I know do not even kill a fly or kill any living thing and are some of the kindest, most brilliant and creative people I know but you, sir, are lumping them in with a feeling against MURDER or murderers? 

Respectfully, Sir, you insult me. I stand incredulous that a Supreme Court Justice would say something so unintelligent that I cannot believe this person sits on the highest court of the land. To lump a feeling against homosexuality with a feeling against murder is simply utterly absurd.

If one finds oneself loving a member of one's own sex then what should one do? Murder oneself? Feelings that you espouse against homosexuality have been used as a justification for murdering THEM. But hey, according to you there is no difference between murder and homosexuality. Homosexuals are the victims of murderers and NOT the perpetrators of murder. Feelings that you express are the rationale for killing them.

Can one have a feeling against, well, Italians and equate it with a feeling against homosexuality after all so many Italians were in the Mafia? Should we have the ability to discriminate against them because of that? This is how absurd your comment is.

I ask you to reconsider that statement and to apologize to an entire group of people you insult by lumping them in the same category of murder. You offend, hurt and debase a group of people who are often among the best and the brightest and who hurt no one. Shame on you, Sir, for your hateful comment.

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