Monday, November 23, 2015

Mental Illness Madness: Babysitter in alleged Hamilton kidnapping held without bail

Babysitter in alleged Hamilton kidnapping held without bail
Abigail Hanna, 21, allegedly kidnapped 2-year-old: story here or below:

Tom Crosby and his wife should be given heroes' medals. Initially, as they drove down a sparsely-settled dirt road in Rowley, Mass, they thought they saw a doll lying face-down naked in the leaves at the side of the road but they had the good sense to turn around to make sure and by doing so found a little girl shivering from the cold, bruised with cigarette butt burns on her body. They called police and saved that gorgeous child's life. Kudos to them and kudos to all those who were and are involved in the investigation of this heinous crime.

Clearly, the alleged 21 year old perpetrator is saturated with mental illness and, who knows, an arm-chair diagnosis of possibly psychosis. Our nation is drowning in mental illness in so many ways. What happened to us or maybe it was always this way but never discussed. I do not know. We have so many fixes for diseases below the brain but little fix for the brain itself especially so for mental illness. It is very hard to treat and meds are often thrown into a hat to try with little or no measurement for their use. Mental illness, too, takes lives but our culture has little empathy for one who suffers from it. Is it genetics or environment -- nature or nurture? In the end it is a disease which needs an ameliorative fix as other diseases do. Unlike other diseases of the body like diabetes or even cancer mental illness affects behavior and therefore has implication for all of us who are at the other end of its ugly assault.

My heart goes out to everyone in this story. At least there is a happy ending win for the child victim but a probable ruined life loss for the perpetrator of this unconscionable act. Our collective nation should be benefiting from research into the causes and cures of mental illness so that those who suffer from or who are the victims of its onslaught will be spared its ruin.