Thursday, September 11, 2008

I must say that if I had a shred of doubt about how brilliant, articulate and inspiring Barack Obama is his appearance at Columbia talking about national service convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt. It was a pleasure to listen to him. John McCain too presented his case, but clearly, Senator Obama has the youthful enthusiasm, phenomenal command and grasp of just what he wants to do and the ability to convey it. I can compare him to JFK. He was in his element and showed how moving and how succinctly and forceful with great knowledge aforethought he can be.

I think he that, as even Pat Buchanan admitted, it was good for McCain BUT AN ESPECIALLY great night for Barack Obama.

This is a bit of prose/poetry that I created at 12 midnight when I could not sleep. I usually do not wax poetical at all as it is not my forte but I was responding to a relative's blog which contained rather ominous thoughts. Things, at that hour, seemed frightening as events are unfolding in a way that, as I see it, may bring man-made Apocalypse. My relative's link is: and my stream of thoughts at midnight were:

Into the Night: It is midnight and yet again, night two I cannot sleep because electoral insanity captures and holds prisoner my thoughts. The injustice of the last eight years presents a mountain which I cannot climb. Another mountain is placed in the way. Yet again incompetent leadership awaits. Will we ever climb the heights this nation can reach? I know we can, yes we can as we have climbed it before but not in a very long time.

When will sleep come? Perhaps, after McCain/Palin are empowered the country still besieged by insurmountable debt, war endless war, and a collapse of markets, our adversaries will try ever so hard to find the bulls eyes on our back, take aim and fire because our leadership will be, so rancid, so corrupt and so uncaring of the masses they feign to care about that the sleep I fear will be the sleep of death. Maybe it will only be then that I will get the rest I need.

This country is, I worry, about to take a turn to an eternity it did not foresee but, perhaps, subliminally some want. The Revelation they yearn for so longingly they just may obtain. They will surely not encounter the myth of heaven, nor Jesus nor anything but the still of death. I am death says the Hindu Bagavad Gita, the destroyer of worlds and through our unfathomable stupidity we are heading in that direction presciently seen and said by yesteryear's nuclear bomb creator Oppenheimer as our ultimate life destroying weapon was trotted out for all the world to see. Our adversaries know no mercy now and we are at the mercy of the utterly unqualified yet again.

Go ahead, America, eight years of sick, putrid policy is not enough. Yet again the abyss awaits. It beckons you to the rim of eternity. This time 9/11 may not be the only gift your policies bestow. This time it could indeed be worse. You could choose life or death, it’s up to you. What you sew is surely what you will reap.

It is an alarming time to breath the night. The night turns not into dawn but to eternal night. Beware, the end times could surely be at hand but you and you alone create the nightmare. You alone have the power to reverse the night to day but will you? The master of man, time, will tell. The night now grows short and I am so very tired but I cannot sleep. I am afraid.