Friday, May 14, 2010

DESPICABLE: I am so upset over the oil spill I cannot even look at it or write much about it today. I am stilled into a neurotic mute over this obscenity. I continue to believe our president, given that this drill was SO huge, had an obligation to insist appropriate permits were delivered and significant oversight by the Department of the Interior and MMS (Minerals Management Service) was given. The spill is SO immense the buck has to stop somewhere and it stops, as Harry Truman said, at the president's desk.

The president is right the spectacle of the big three JERKS -- BP, Trans-Ocean, and Halliburton, responsible for the spill was UNACCEPTABLE but I maintain that even more than that his lack of supervision of this unique drill was unacceptable as well. Everyone must take their lumps for this one INCLUDING and maybe most especially the president because of the the drill's immense and unique never-been-done-before aspect.

I urge you to write to the White House to tell him of your dismay and to vote a resounding NO to off shore oil filthy drilling. Yes, I still support him. He is the only game in town and Republicans are more poisonous than even the spill but I don't have to like what I see to know his lack of attention to this matter is WORSE than Waterloo. It is despicable!