Saturday, February 13, 2016

Passionately Vociferous

At first I thought, perhaps, I appeared too cavalier in my reaction to Scalia's death. Then I thought about how many minorities over whom he ran roughshod, I thought about their neutering the 1965 Civil Rights Act making voting difficult for minorities, then I thought about affirmative action being gutted as SCOTUS said we are living in a "post racial society" -- OH YEAH sure, then finally I remember Scalia, Thomas and Alito boycotting the president's State of the Union Address.

I thought these so called "conservative" SCOTUS did not care one whit about insulting the president not respecting him enough to attend, how much they hurt persons of color, how much they hurt the fabric of our nation that took centuries to change and now I say, perhaps, I was not passionately vociferous enough!

"Bewildered by 2016 race, George W. Bush returns to the trail to boost Jeb"

Now THAT'S going to help -- NOT! (link to the story below)

George W. Bush was the perpetrator of an illegal and immoral war on Iraq, a nation that did nothing to us. Through this war his order murdered hundreds of thousands (the number of Iraqis killed is still unknown,) wounded millions some sustaining life-long injury, created over a million refugees and still counting, was responsible for an explosive and fractured Middle East still exploding, and created the suffering of millions because of the ad infinitum religious civil wars Iraq engendered. There now is a permanent US military presence of eternal war there. Richard Engel, the expert journalist on the Middle East, in his new book "Then All Hell Broke Loose--Two Decades in the Middle East" reports much of the Middle East chaos was prompted by the US and other western power interference in Middle East affairs over decades of which there can be no historical doubt.

George W. Bush made illegal and immoral war, ordered torture and god knows how many other war crime atrocities. If the media does not highlight this inept man of low intellect who never should have been president and who committed war crimes galore than they are as complicit in the crimes as are the perpetrators.

Nuremberg, remember that? What was that all about anyway?


Cruz Control -- worth watching

Rachel Maddow, yet again did a great job with her show tonight.  She had on a segment about Ted Cruz and just who the loathsome Cretans are who support him.  More has to be exposed more frequently about his anti-Semitism, white supremacist and the homophobic would-be murderers-of-gays who will vote for him and whose support he will not disavow. 

Is it possible that those who make up the Republican Party can be so Ku Klux Klan-like extremist and gain credence?  We must rely on a Democratic Party that is infinitely more knowledgeable and humane by far than most who call themselves Republican.  The Republican Party as it exists in our time is an embarrassment to those who would call themselves civilized!
Those who compose it are cruel, inhumane, often hateful white supremacists and nativists.  I post the link to Rachel's show that exposed the shame of our nation.


ed Cruz draws support from America's darkest fringe Rachel Maddow reports on an assortment of bigots who have coalesced in their support for Senator Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential nomination - an association he does not discourage.