Sunday, August 02, 2015

On Our Watch In Our Time

We must use what we learned supporting the president who had one of the best political machines working across the nation. Whoever the Democratic nominee is it matters not. In our time a line in the sand has been drawn between Republicans and Democrats. The two Parties are no longer allies within a similar cause – the good of the nation –, but adversaries disagreeing entirely on nearly every issue from social issues to the economic ones and to foreign policy issues of war and peace.

If, by not voting as Democrats we allow Republicans to gain power again we will not enjoy what happens to those of us who can least afford it. We will be the first ones to suffer economic hardship, the first to die in wars and the first to be excluded from the electoral process. There will be more Newtowns and Coloradoes, more roundup of the undocumented shipping millions back from where they came. There will be useless expensive walls built (NOT, as suggested by the Trumpet, paid for by Mexico) and assaults on the powerless here who cannot afford to fight it.

Our infrastructure is failing, our roads are decrepit, our bridges are dangerously crumbling, our electrical grid is obsolete and our public education is disastrously under funded. Republicans want government to fail and they want to privatize everything except the military because, in truth, Republicans love war and want to return to the glory days of WWII. Those days are long gone but Republican affection for war never dies as long as they take a rich man’s pass and do not have to fight in those wars themselves.

In case you have not noticed, and one would have to be comatose not to, California is burning – literally. It is smothering in smoke, fire and drought with its three figure heat that adds to the explosiveness. Even a year’s worth of rain would not cure the drought. As much as the know-nothing Republicans want to deny it – as they did decades ago about the dangers of tobacco – they lie when they say they do not know if climate change is man-made. Science says it is and it is an undeniable indisputable fact. The gorgeous state of California is burning out of control. A Republican will keep saying it is not oil and fossil fuel man-made related but the Democrat, Al Gore, told us years ago the inconvenient truth. It is. Republicans will do nothing about climate change because their super pac Koch Brother benefactors pay them not to as glaciers melt, California burns and as Washington and other major cities like NY and Boston sink, ultimately, into the polluted abyss. 

The moral of this horror story is get out the Hispanic, persons of color, the young, women, the disabled and others to vote in their own Democratic interests. Our nation is dying and Republicans want to take the spoils of it and run leaving us to wade in the waste.

We must not allow Republicans -- any Republican -- to gain power and must fight them making sure the Republican Trojan Horse racist Party of fundamentalist religion and white supremacy does not win on our watch.