Monday, March 03, 2008

Life Support or Life: In the final analysis whether the Democratic nominee is Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama he or she will be running, of course, against John McCain. All rational thought would deduce that the US is in huge trouble with an economy tanking and no upswing in sight. Adding fuel to an out-of-control fire is the dismal state of US foreign policy.

Our country has suffered a train wreck. It would seem completely logical that the Democratic party, no matter who the nominee is, should experience a landslide victory over horrifically failed and utterly corrupt Republican politics on every single level of government. If, yet again, the American public elect more Republicans to the oval office and the Congress then, indeed, our country has a death wish.

We will sew the seeds of our own destruction by electing John McCain and opting for the same ubiquitously failed policies manufactured over decades. Electing a change Democratic candidate whether the change is Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama is vital to our country's resuscitation. If we do not do that we will be choosing to be put on life support. We are in critical condition. Team Bush and his Republican party have, indeed no question about it, put us there!