Sunday, September 07, 2008

This is a stream of conscious opinion. I have NOT refined it and checked for proper syntax and grammar because the time is short and it takes a long long time to get things perfect. I send it for you to read, if you chose or send it off to someone else. Here are my very roughly honed thoughts. This word MUST be spread now as the time is short. Forgive the less than excellent prose.

Those alleged crowds gushing enthusiasm for McCain/Palin? Don't believe it. Republicans lie about EVERYTHING. They most likely rounded up all they could, probably paid them to appear as they did in the 2000 election as IF Republicans were so adored. Lies,lies,lies, lies nothing but lies. They lie about EVERYTHING and I would bet that this is NO exception. McCain does not give a damn about this country. If he did he would NEVER NEVER NEVER knowing his age and health issues ever want an utterly inexperienced troll who did not even share most of his views (except that oh so important to the safety and security of this country issue abortion) to share the ticket and get kicked and brow beaten by an anti-intellectual ridiculous base of religious zealots. He is NOT even religious! He NEVER would if he truly loved this country and wanted to unite it place on his ticket someone who will only divide. The anger AND the fear of this woman from the other side is HUGE. Good, John Country First McCain, good going...four more years of the same ole same ole anger driven division.

She is utterly incompetent and ill equipped to assume the mantle if McCain gets sick and is unable to finish his term. So you want this trigger happy harpy to have her happy trigger finger on the nuclear bombs. She lies. She wanted the bridge to nowhere until it became unpopular, she WANTED books banned from a library, she has NEVER ordered anything of the National Guard, she removed employees from the State Police because she had a personal vendetta, she LOVED government handouts and proclaimed on a memo how COOL it was Alaska was getting millions from the Feds, she belongs to a church who thinks Jews are eternally damned because they do not accept Jesus, she wants to tell YOU that if you get raped by your father and are pregnant with your father's baby TOO bad you gotta have that unnatural child, or if you have a deformed or very sick baby you GOTTA have it and PAY for it too. She's not gonna help you pay though and neither is anyone else.

Folks, it's about MONEY. That's ALL it's about. When does middle America get that Republicans are NOT about you they are about BIG money and keeping it ALL for themselves. Forget you, you don't matter but their genius is they have captured that religious illiterate sad segment of our population that THINKS Republicans are about them. THEY ARE NOT about them and never have been.

As your bank accounts dwindle in this rancid economy, as your jobs disappear, as you can't get medical attention because you have NO insurance, as this country becomes a second rate power because our educational system is in the tank or because the Harvards, Yales and those of intellect are put down and made fun of, as our planet dies maybe then and ONLY then will Americans vote prescient, INTELLIGENT people into office and not court the possibility of having a vice president who is as qualified to be president if McCain is ill as my local dog catcher!! Palin is a foreign affairs expert says John McCain and Cindy McCain because her state is near Russia is comical if it weren't such madness. Wake up America before the time is too late and our country is in deeper trouble then it already is. Get rid of these rancid Republicans in leadership who are lying vile excuses for humanity and who hold immense power over your life or your death. GET OUT DEMOCRATS AND INDEPENDENTS TOO AND VOTE VOTE VOTE AND SEND MCAIN AND PALIN THE MESSAGE THAT WERE MAD AS HELL AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE THEIR LIES ANY MORE!!!!! We WILL do it. YES WE CAN!!