Sunday, May 07, 2017

Macron, Well Ahead of Le Pen, Is Poised to Be President of France--Link below my Comment!!!!


JUST clicked on nervously to get the results. Macron SIGNIFICANTLY beat right wingnut Le Penn as the French smart people that they are could see how HORRIBLE Trump is!! So happy I am actually crying ... over France??? YES because it meant so much more!!

Vive la France

Wealthy investors can buy their way into the U.S. A link and a Comment--The American Nightmare/the American hope

Link to the story:

How much money do these extremist right wingnut Cretans need? The damage they can do is daunting. It means the top 2% wealthiest will control it all and means death for the rest of us. We better hope that this does not translate into their capturing the planet and ridding it of
​people like ​us.

If Le Penn wins in France it will be like the domino theories of old about the Communist menace of the 1950's except this time the menace is reinventing the Hitlerian fascists and our nation's powerful ​are​ with them not being a force for good but a force for evil​.​

​They are ​taking all of our wealth with them to seize
​ gargantuan power​. Listen to the George Carlin Youtube "The American Dream" monologue. ​It is genius and is so prescient.

Trumpian dictators are seizing control of nation states all over the world and killing thousands of those who would dare oppose them​​. Dictatorial corrupt thugs such as Duarte of the Philippines, Putin of Russia, ​​Erdogan of Turkey, al-Sisi of Egypt are sent congratulatory tweets and support. Trump voices hope that the right wing extremist National Front Party of Marine Le Penn, daughter of the Party's founder, antiSemite, Holocaust denier and racist Jean Le Penn, wins as elections in France are being held today. Other strongmen dictators for whom Trump has praise are Sadam Hussein, a butcher whose downfall was perfected with gallons of American blood, and Kim Jung Un the megalomaniac murderous dictator of North Korea Trump ​declares it an "honor​" to meet.

This is the American nightmare happening now in our time.

We must hope there are those who share our fears, empathize with our plight and who have the fortune it takes to stop ​it.​