Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Do You Trust?: I do NOT trust anyone in the mainstream media regarding the Japan leak. I do not trust MSNBC or NBC, CBS or ABC and surely NOT Fox No News News to give straight answers because they are enmeshed in the corporate pushing of nuclear power. I do NOT trust most especially any government either Japan or the United States to tell the truth.

Here is the truth: The catastrophe is being downplayed, saying Plutonium is a small amount of the total radiation. A microscopic speck of Plutonium can kill. Larger amounts can wipe out entire cities and leave permanent contamination. Stuff's been leaking for almost 3 weeks. Millions of Japanese alone will die. Many others across the entire northern hemisphere, including Boston and Chicago possibly will as well.

A single milligram of MOX (uranium/plutonium) fuel is 2 million times more deadly than enriched uranium and lasts forever. Also, virtually the entire Gulf of Mexico is biologically and chemically toxic and unsafe. Now THAT'S the truth!
Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here: Rolling Stone Magazine has published and plastered all over cyber space without a doubt the MOST gruesome pics taken of acts allegedly committed by The Kill Team -- American Stryker Brigade in Afghanistan. It shows pics of tortured and dismembered Afghanistanis some probably innocent and unarmed who were allegedly just creamed by our soldiers even dismembering bodies, heads and limbs. It is sickening beyond words -- Holocaust type sickening. Is this the level to which we have stooped -- the level of the oft touted barbarity of our enemy? If you are the faint of heart do not click on the link.

I do not care how many tours of duty a solider has, I do not care how difficult the task a soldier is asked to do, I do not care how psychologically sick a soldier has become because of the nature of war the judgment at Nuremberg instructs -- NO it DEMANDS -- that a code of conduct be followed by the civilized world. The men who perpetrated this madness breached that code, need to be court marshaled and tried for murder. Then the International Criminal Court should try them for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

It metaphorically in pic No. 9 shows a sign with words taken from "Dante's Inferno": "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here." I would say that sums it up just fine.