Monday, September 20, 2010

PLEASE LISTEN: to the Clinton audio link below AND THEN PASS THIS ON ESPECIALLY to people who may have Tea Bag or Republican inclinations BUT ALSO to ANYONE ELSE you know who might listen. When that happens everyone sends it to everyone else and it doesn't matter what political category into which they fall.

Listen to Bill Clinton by clicking on what he says about the Tea Party. Listen too to all the other audio of him talking on specific issues. Criticize Clinton for his frailties but one of his incredible aspects of his person is that he KNOWS what he is talking about, what to do and best of all HE CONNECTS TO THE PEOPLE!!! What he says about the Tea Party is EXACTLY correct. He does NOT dismiss the Tea Party but tells you the critical error they make is thinking that the HUGE capitalists are for them and MOST IMPORTANT THEY THINK that government should be reduced to a postage stamp. They are not correct and he explains it. They MUST get that and most of all Democrats, Independents and Democratic leaning Independents MUST understand it as well and ACT.

It's NOT our ideas that are wrong it's APATHY that will ruin. It is what I have been saying and emailing about SO much. It is so true but Clinton says it much better. The stakes for ALL of us in so many ways are at stake. President Obama SHOULD NOT fail at this. Clinton has a folksy way of connecting. The difference between Bush's folksy way of connecting and Bill Clinton's is BRAINS. Clinton has them. He brilliant and more importantly he has the experience. He KNOWS the people, government and he ALSO knows the rich and the big monied interests. So his views are IMPORTANT and we must heed them.

Not only will I send these clips to our Obama people but I will send them to my list of friends, the White House and the Democratic party as well. Do I REALLY think all of those people especially the powerful heed my fervent plea? I'm REALISTIC not insane. BUT these things I think are SO important that I must AT LEAST TRY and hope the word gets out only to people here but to people in ALL the red states, blue and now purple states as well. We must TRY to get Democratic voters OUT. WE MUST NOT FALTER AND WE MUST NOT FAIL! (Yes, I know Bush said that. I say hey whatever works!)