Thursday, March 09, 2017

An Addendum + a Diagram I suggest you read

I post below the link to Rachel Maddow's show last evening which starts to draw the connection between the Trump campaign and Russia beginning first with the change in the Republican platform at the convention and witnesses who state unequivocally that the softening of the position with respect to Russia and Ukraine was done at the behest of Trump himself.

In addition to that Rachel interviewed Representative Swalwell who sits on the House Intelligence Committee.  He has drawn incredibly precise diagrams of all the Trump complex connections to Russia making a case for a the mandate of a Special Prosecutor to investigate these matters.  I link his site "Protect Our Democracy" below.
I suggest it would behoove you to listen to Rachel's show and to find also the segment of Representative Swalwell's interview with his informative diagram of the Trump ties to Russia.  It is a mind blowing matter (I paste one diagram below but there is more to say that Swalwell posts) that begs insistently for a Special Prosecutor to illuminate the allegedly utter immoral, unpatriotic, treasonous ties Trump has with Vladimir Putin to enter our nation to shape policy Putin wants. 
This is an attack upon our country by a president who says he puts America first when we know he puts himself first. Trump's loyalty is not to this nation but to his own big con and all the riches he thinks will come his way as he pulls it off while pulling the wool over his supporters' eyes.  HRC said it best:  DEPLORABLE!

Inline image 1

A Mountain of Lies -- Times 10

The lies, upon lies, upon lies, upon lies within the highest echelons of the Trump administration about its connection to Russia are legion. They reach the summit of the mountain of Everest. If this sordid Russian mega scandalous mess and involvement of the Trump administration as deep as the deepest ocean with an unfriendly nation, Russia, does not require -- no, does not mandate -- a special prosecutor than neither did Watergate because THIS is worse -- much worse -- than Watergate. This is Watergate on steroids. Watergate did NOT involve potential treason and Russian interference in a US presidential election with the Trump campaign's knowledge, even encouragement of and acquiescence to it. It is nearly crystal clear that Trump and his administration were connected to Russia in ways few could imagine until Trump from the stage during the campaign begged Russia to hack into the Democrats' email. They did and I allege Trump knew they would. Why would a presidential candidate at the time ask for interference in a US national presidential election by Russia when Russia for decades has been a US adversarial nation unless Trump knew the Russian interference would help get Trump elected and defeat Hillary Clinton. Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister, knew he could not get what he wanted -- more power -- unless Trump won. Putin hated Hillary Clinton whom he knew would not allow him permission to add to Russia's European geography and political control which Russia once held but lost when Communism fell. As I have said often Putin wants Russia's empire back, wants the adulation of his population for it and Trump, the useful idiot, would comply IF Trump won the presidency.

Moreover, Trump knew, although he claimed he did not, that the Platform Committee at the Republican National Convention changed a small paragraph in its platform about US/Russia relations. It called for an improving relationship with Russia heretofore unknown within Republican ideological circles and against US policy for decades. The question is why. The answer for Trump is usually money. The conflicts of business interests of Trump about which he once bragged spread deeply into Russia and among its oligarchs. Putin knows this is potential blackmail he could use against Trump.

According to Politico "Citing anonymous intelligence officials, the Times report named Flynn, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, onetime campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page and Trump confidant Roger Stone as the aides whose communications the FBI had probed for possible contacts with Russia." We know Manafort and Flynn have resigned. Attorney General Sessions should resign also since he lied at his cabinet Congressional hearing. He did, in fact, meet with the Russian ambassador and did so three times!

If the scandal is not investigated in its entirely, with transparency and without partisan bias to illuminate, I believe, this Manchurian presidency operating inside the White House at the highest echelons then Republicans most assuredly will face obliteration in the 2018 midterms and they know it. The treasonous scandal SHOULD be made transparent and involve an unbiased Special Prosecutor. 

Since Republicans control the congressional investigations one can be assured the verdict will be skewed away from Trump. This cannot stand and I hope it will not. The American people now know, at least most of them do, that the connection with Russia reaches high into the halls of power. The polling data shows a wide preponderance of the nation think a special prosecutor is a necessity and so do I times 10!