Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Unprincipled Man

This particular opinion appeared in the New York Times blog and I humbly say was sited as its "NYT Pick." This is why I devote so much time in my own way writing to reelect the president. I wrote the following:

I have experienced many presidential campaigns. I often lauded some candidates for their integrity and their service to our country. I have witnessed a two party system whose agenda may be different but whose American essence was the same. I emerged out of a post WWII era which reflected the great mantra of the American life – we all loved our country, were in this together and would support it no matter the cost.

After the contentiousness of Vietnam it all changed. We became divided, hostile, angry and belligerent towards one another increasingly unwilling and unable to reach consensus on most anything.

I do believe this president entered the oval office with a sincere desire to as even Nixon said decades ago "Bring us Together." But we were driven during the Nixon years yet again more apart and we have been heading toward that political cliff of separateness in near Civil War fashion ever since.

I sincerely think that the Republican Romney is possibly the most singularly unprincipled man uncomfortable in his own skin the Republican Party has ever nominated. He will take any position even if is the direct opposite of a former position he held for years. He has flip-flopped on every single issue during his current run for an office I certainly hope and I believe he will not get.

Romney is most representative of the pathology of politics as it has evolved in our era. There is nothing Mitt Romney will not say to get his foot in the door of the oval office even if it means overturning all he has ever believed throughout the years. I surely hope, for the life of our nation, we keep that oval office door tightly shut to him!