Saturday, July 08, 2017

No Time to Write BUT

What transpired between Putin and Trump is so obvious and what news broadcasts have said little about from the Hamburg G-20 is the Mueller investigation hanging over Drumpf's head. I hope Mueller is not fired. Nothing makes sense that comes out of Trump or his minion's mouths unless it is thought of in light of the Trump's campaign alleged collusion with Russia in hacking the 2016 election against Hillary and for Trump.

OF COURSE Drumpf is going to say our intelligence is flawed because it probably involves the investigation of him and/or his campaign's alleged association not against Russia but complicit WITH Russia. As one of my blogers said there is something diabolical and I say it is spelled oligarchic money, money laundering, megga conflicts of interest and many other alleged illegal and unethical acts. Follow the money.

I urge you if you have not seen Richard Engel's special report MSNBC showed instead of Rachel Maddow last evening to do so. Probably you can get it online. She introduced it but he reported on it from Hamburg. It is mind blowing BRILLIANT! YOU MUST SEE IT. THE DIABOLICAL IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ONE'S NOSE. Putin has murdered many journalists and political opposition including swept up besides those famous in Russia for opposing him were, said Engel, a general and a banker that allegedly got too close to the TRUMP alleged collusion. Many reporters and others who got too close to Putin's controlled Russian oligarchic Mafia end up dead. This is the worst scandal in US history and yes, MUCH worse than Watergate and downright diabolical is the correct word. Follow the money and you will find the nest of maggots. Trump is allegedly an appendage of that. WATCH RICHARD ENGEL'S REPORT FROM HAMBURG!!!