Wednesday, April 09, 2008

ABC News online carried a story about Bush's discussion he had with a reporter about his alcoholism and his quitting drinking. He said he was not a "walk on his knees" drunk but definitely had a problem. I reacted and posted an opinion:

It would have been good for 4000 plus dead Americans and thousands of wounded, for our nation and indeed the world if Bush had never quit drinking. He would not have been president and not have presided over the most corrupt, immoral and illegal administration in US history. Iraq never would have happened and the recession emanating from it would not have occurred. People would have their limbs who now have none and sight would be given back to those now blind. Iraq is Bush's war. It is Bush who will have to, as he puts it, "walk on his knees" to ask that higher power he talks about for forgiveness as only that power has the power to give.