Thursday, May 20, 2010

Glen Greenwald the reasoned thinker -- most times -- Elena Kagan's Closet

Please see , an article about closeted people who are seeking powerful public position as relates to Elena Kagan's alleged homosexuality by some.

Glen Greenwald offers sagacious arguments with crystal clear reasoned thought.

Until this very minute I, as a gay rights supporter, always said it's none of anyone's business what a person does in the privacy of his or her bedroom. Those questions are out of order and simply meant for salacious gossip by right wingnut opposition so it can try to destroy a Court nominee. Glen Greenwald thinks otherwise. The key to his thinking is that homosexuality (and heterosexuality) are NOT about sex and that it should be mandatory for a candidate to reveal whether homosexual or heterosexual what their marital/partner status is and who her partner or spouse may be. It gave me pause for thought about the issue.

Glen is absolutely CORRECT we are NOT asking about Elena Kagan's sex life and yes, if one were heterosexual and seeking the same position one quite rightfully would have to allow for public investigative intrusion of not only the applicant's background but also his/her spouse or partner's background as well. Partners and spouses matter hugely when one is seeking an EXTREMELY powerful and socially impacting government position. He reasons that the questions about Elena Kagan's sexuality are NOT salacious peering into the nitty gritty of the type of sex Elena Kagan might have IF she were homosexual. He avers that her sexuality is more much more than meets the prurient eye as it would be if the candidate were heterosexual. No one asked Barak Obama what kind of sex he and Michelle enjoy but rather accept his marital status as just that a status! This is a reasonable argument.

However, the argument against Glen Greenwald's position is this: T'were that we lived in a nation and at a time when OTHERS could not thwart a nomination because of the self revelation of homosexuality. We do not. We live in the time we do. Reality dictates if she self admits her sexual orientation IF she is homosexual she would be sowing the seeds of her defeat. We must play the ball where it lies.

We have, indeed, made progress understanding gender orientation BUT we are not there yet which is why I suspect she will deny it IF in fact it is a fact and why her supporters will deny it too and go to great lengths to say this topic is not appropriate for discussion.

Glen, do you really think IF Elena Kagan is lesbian and she matter-of-factly said so that this would not sink her nomination EVEN in our semi-enlightened age? I suspect it would which is why I defend those who defend her by saying her sexuality is none of anyone's damn business.

The truth is in our age even those of us who advocate for equal rights for homosexuals know that in certain segments of our society the admission of that could sink advancement so we pragmatically do what we must to help our cause even if it means keeping our orientation secret.

One could make the argument that if this is true than one should reject the position. I say no. Do what it takes to get on the court. After that one can do what one wants and impact our culture for the better even more.

Unfortunately, we still live in a culture which many cannot even accept a black president much less an admitted homosexual on the court. Maybe just maybe in 20 years the disclosure will be a non-issue.
A DAMNABLE THING: Take a look at headlines of the oil spill. I direct your attention to: ; Click on the pictures below the headline IF you can stomach them.

The oil spill in Louisiana is a horror as if a nuclear blast hit us. Shame on us, shame on our leaders and SHAME on the part of the American public who would rather go marching off to Starbucks than CARE about what our LOUSY government(s) plural Republican AND Democrat alike are doing and have done while covering up vile behavior with the American flag. Yes, a teaspoon of sugar certainly does make the medicine go down. We reap what we sow. Unfortunately the medicine our stupid leaders have pushed down our throat kills! It will kill us and it will allow through our vulnerability access for others to get us too. Our leaders who accept filthy oil big business and other big business money and then talk platitudes to calm a know nothing public down is a DAMNABLE thing!

We are a DOOMED nation because of the IDIOTS who do not believe science and who put down intellect like the Sarah Palinesque MORONS who would rather believe myth and superstitious tripe than TRUTH. We are also doomed because of HORRIBLE international and national economic policies which thrust a nation into EXPENSIVE wars and things it could NOT afford over decades, corrupted Wall Street so we do NOT have the money now to even fix our roads and because our Congress AND presidency are bought, sold and hog tied to corporate interests which know NO morality. As my mother used to say you've made your bed NOW LIE IN IT!!!