Thursday, October 07, 2010

An Article on Israel and its Existential Threat: This article linked below is about the State of Israel and the Jewish existential dilemma. I am moved and convinced of its veracity. It is the way I feel and it is why I support the Jewish state. As the article states Jewish history since the Diaspora (the dispersion of the Jewish people out of the homeland 2000 years ago) especially has been defined by others. Jews were ALWAYS at the mercy of those nation states which often showed us little. Jews existed always on a whim of someone else but Israel changed all that almost in an instant. As quickly as the security of our existence seemed to come that is how quickly it can evaporate as Israel, a besieged country from its inception, sits in the middle of the worst neighborhood possible at the worst possible time.

I urge those who do not know the history of the Jewish people and the Jewish state to read this very excellent explanation of why it means so much to the Jew and why the possibility of Iran possessing a nuclear weapon is so threatening. You do NOT need to be Jewish to appreciate the gravity of it and the existential threat it poses.