Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Yeeah HA!!!   Laurie Lee and Cheryl Stoll are the Framingham Selectmen.  They WON!!!  

Very very happy to see that.  This must be the start for us as progressive Democrats to ensure a Democratic victory not only in Framingham, happy as I am to see this, but across the nation and emphatically into the halls of Congress. The late great House Speaker Tip O'Neill said "All politics is local" and I believe that to be true.

Today as you all know the President's hard fought over health care plan is the law of the land and there is NOT going to be one thing Republicans can do about it.  The President and we reached our 7 million mark and then some by 7.1 million signed up. Republicans' hateful platform will lose.  The Affordable Care Act is HERE TO STAY and Republicans simply cannot and will not repeal it though they surely tried 47 wasted times not to mention wasted money.  

NOR will big money be the Republican savior.  Power comes from the grass roots. That means us!  We as Progressives and Democrats will rise above big money and Citizen's United and TURN out the vote EVERYWHERE across the land.  We must turn out women, we must turn out Hispanics, we must turn out African Americans and we must turn out the young in droves.  It's over for Republicans, they know it and the demographics show it.  Republican positions are bankrupt, cruel and wrong.

Framingham may not be the bellwether that Florida's Alex Sink was but it means something.  Sink lost not by much in a Republican district and now we must move forward to give Republicans the significantly crushing defeat in November, 2014 they so richly deserve!

Congratulations again to Cheryl Stoll and to Laurie Lee.  I know you will be excellent in your positions and will conduct business with the 98% of us in mind!  

I never thought I could be so happy about a local election but tonight I am!!!

Best to all who took the time to come out and vote!