Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Little Optimism -- Let Him Eat Cake:

Here is what I think is happening: Trump, as we know, is a tub full of baloney. He is now going against much of the horror show the he promised in his campaign. Why? Because he is in bed with big money and he is not a populist. His choices for cabinet secretaries show it. Further, he does not want to alienate his duped base. Today he said NAFTA is NOT going to be rolled back after he talked with Mexico and Canada. It will be "worked on." Oh sure. Trump's main allegiance is to Trump. Getting rid of NAFTA will not happen and neither will it be "worked on" but it surely did sound like music to his white blue collar supporters' ears during the campaign because they simply want jobs back and know nothing of the complex details of NAFTA. Doing stuff like trade policy requires a huge amount of time and expertise. It is very very difficult and the parties with whom one is negotiating get a say.

He just found out that healthcare is complex ... no kidding. Today the news crawl read "White House to continue to pay Obamacare subsidies to help low income patients ... for now" Yeah right for now...meaning forever. He will not repeal nor replace Obamacare because it will eviscerate his poor white base the most and re-institute the forever loathed pre-existing condition as rationale for insurance companies to deny coverage. Besides that, a majority of the electorate likes Obamacare. The longer it exists the more they like it and an electoral price will be paid by Republicans in Congress if they replace it with something much worse.

The wall will never get built as he cannot find enough in Congress who want to spend the huge bucks for it and Mexico is definitely absolutely without a doubt NOT going to pay for it. How ridiculous was that? It sounded oh so racist good to his minions who think undocumented workers are a huge national problem. They aren't. They fill thousands of jobs many do not want to fill as George W. Bush learned which is why Bush could not get immigration reform. Many of the plethora of small and big business farmers and others do not want to lose their employee base. And I might add the tactics targeting undocumented workers amount to cruel and unusual punishment as well as denial of rights under the Fourth and 14th Amendments. Yes, even the undocumented worker has Constitutional rights. See "The Hill"…/255281-yes-illegal-aliens-have-constit…

His "tax plan" will be dead in the water because Republicans will never go for raising the debt trillions when the highest tax bracket Trump just happens to occupy is lowered from 35% to 15%. It won't happen. Republicans will not saddle the nation with trillions more big debt over 10 years that will not have been paid for. Reforming tax code, as Larry O'Donnell said in his broadcast last evening, is hard --- one does not do it in the one page Manuchin offered in front of the cameras. Manuchin, Trump's Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sach's ex banker with his co-policy monetary assassin standing next to him looked ... well ... ridiculous.

Trump and his "administration" are so corrupt and international conflicts of interest exist by the carload not to mention he will be occupied with criminal prosecutions, FBI investigations and alleged congressional investigations (ultimately) into Trump campaign associates treasonous conspiracy with Russia to influence the 2016 election that there will be no time -- a huge amount of time -- it takes to get those things about which he blustered in his faux campaign to promote the biggest con in American history.

No, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to realize he is in it for the big con -- as Mitt Romney said. The money Trump and his family can make from the US presidency is mammoth and it is on the taxpayer dime as not one, not two but three White Houses need protection. Moreover, Trump will make oodles of non-blind trust investment cash simply by being president but the middle classes and the poor, of course, will not. Trump calculated (erroneously I might add) that most of the electorate would be so saturated with investigations of corruption and ethical abuses that they would be bored as he is bored concentrating on anything for more than 15 minutes. I'm not bored are you?

This country is NOT a monarchy and he is NOT king. All that he thought would be a piece of cake as he waived his magic powerful presidential wand is not going to be baked and, in fact, he would not want to eat much of it.

Yes, illegal aliens have constitutional rights