Monday, November 25, 2013

Freezing Denver -- Patriotic Pats!!

Globe Caption: "Patriots stun Broncos in OT after historic rally!!"

Off the top -- good title for opinion posting that is fast and good grammar ignored!

For those who like football and even those who don't. 

GREATEST freezing cold game in the history of the world!!!!   WOW and me of little faith turned it off because I get too emotional over anything New England or Boston.  Don't ask me why I have no idea except I love my state and city so the sports teams are emblematic of that.

Kept checking intermittently online and then holy cow they tied it.  Still to nervous to watch, came back later and WOW a win....after down the entire first half and too make the win sweeter -- sorry Wes Welker cuz he's a good guy with talent but -- he (and others) booted the fair catch from a Pat's score.  Patriots then pounce on a loose ball and chalk up a field goal score by Gostkowski win for the Pats Boys.  

GREATEST game I did but did not see.   Thanks Pats what a joy!!