Friday, January 07, 2011

If I had a Hammer: Matt Taibbi's piece in Rolling Stone Magazine "The Crying Shame of John Boehner" which is about John the new Speaker of the House Boehner and weep (link below). Boehner REALLY is crying for himself because NOW he is in the spotlight. Please if you read nothing else read this article. Taibbi writes in a VERY entertaining way and even though it appears long it goes by in a nanosecond it's that good. While you're at it pass it on and let all your friends know just WHO John Boehner our new Speaker REALLY is and what many who are in Congress are REALLY about.

It is sickening indeed that the GREAT maybe the GREATEST speaker of the House EVER, Nancy Pelosi, had to give up her gavel for this utter beltway lobbyist boot licking fraud, John Boehner.

Read, savor and enjoy!

God bless America and God bless our Constitution creators for creating the most important freedoms; the ones contained in the very FIRST amendment -- Freedom of the press, speech, etc. Without it if you think it's bad now one can only imagine the horror of this country without it.
Swan Lake as you have never seen it before!

This was sent by a relative of mine. To say it is GORGEOUS does it a supreme disservice.

Did I say the Chinese people astound me? This is why China is rising and will, if they have not already, eclipse this nation in many things especially things of intellect and art! Just my opinion. There is a precision and perfection these people exhibit which I saw at the Olympics and which takes my breath away. This performance of Swan Lake was SO beautiful it sent chills through my body.

p.s. I was the second girl from the right in the line! :-\ Click on the link below and enjoy it is perfection!
Forgive even though English IS my first language: Yes, forgive the spelling error in my last post. Did I say I love English but I really do NOT like homonyms? They tend to make English foot stamping annoying. I promise I do know the difference between thrown and throne. Cross out thrown as in throwing a pie which is what I would like to throw in MY face and in its place put throne as in the highest seat of power which resides in the next to last sentence of my opinion.

Writing one's thoughts with no errors in the late evening near the midnight hour is always a risk for me. One part of my brain is saying write and the other part of my brain is saying sleep.

I write (NOT right) when I SHOULD have slept! :-\

I loath grammatically incorrect sentence structure and not only that I hate it! :-)