Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillary Clinton Testimony Benghazi -- RAND PAUL'S SCURRILOUS ATTACK!

Hillary Clinton was FANTASTIC testifying about Benghazi knowing so much and getting details specific. It is IRONIC that these hypocrite Republicans think that she was remiss for not reading one of millions of memos and emails that come her way AND that they think Benghazi was "second only to 9/11" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? While it is tragic when any American loses his or her life look at the LIES the Republican party put forth and many others swallowed because a Republican president wanted to take this country to war killing THOUSANDS, killing many innocents, creating a million refugees and destabilizing an entire region.

NO, Republicans of limited intellect, as bad as Benghazi was it was a splinter compared to the tree of 9/11 and the subsequent invasions based on lies of TWO countries and did NOT give one whit as to the many egregious and extraconstitional behaviors Republicans have levied.

One cannot POSSIBLY protect absolutely securely ALL of our tentacles in foreign lands. Ambassador Stevens KNEW the risk. It is an impossibility to protect everywhere American embassies exist and FURTHER an impossibility if Congress does NOT allot the money to do so. Again Republican held House rejected the funding request of a Democratic administration.
SHAME ON RAND PAUL FOR POLITICAL GRANDSTANDING and INSULTING Secretary Clinton. NO Mr. Paul you will NEVER be president and NEVER have the opportunity to fire someone like you said you would to Hillary Clinton. "IF I were president" he said "I would fire you"-- YOU LITTLE RUNT YOU WILL NOT EVER be president and have the chance to fire anybody!


Chris Matthews/Rachel, et al: Republicans Will Have To 'Rig The Elections' To Win (VIDEO)

I insert the video above here and below as Rachel and Chris Matthews and others talk about the evil attempt by Republicans to steal future presidential elections by electorally rigging the vote.  This is EXACTLY what I have been emailing about.  The Republican soon-to-be-attempted RIGGING elections is SO sickening and SO unjust if not illegal EVERYONE no matter your politics should STOP it from happening as we stopped the voter suppression in the last election.  Republicans since they hold most state legislatures in swing states want to district the electoral college so that it will not be a winner take all system which won the election fair and square constitutionally for the president.   The president won the the popular vote too as Democrats likely will in succeeding presidential elections.  But if Republicans hold majorities in  local legislatures in swing states they can try to change the electoral college law to rig it for them.  This vile attempt would, most likely, NOT pass muster in the courts but if allowed to happen will let Republicans steal more elections.

Republicans want to carve their state up into already gerrymandered districts so that electoral votes will go to them even though the popular state vote too would be won by Democrats.  This is SICKENING. Republicans will stop at nothing to steal the vote.  Whatever anyone can do, whether it's writing your reps,  or calling them or smoke signaling or EVEN calling the opposition or emailing the opposition like Speaker Boehner DO it or even contact Republicans in state legislatures in swing states to voice your opposition.  It is a Google search away for their number and emails.  I have emailed opposition offices numbers of times and even called once or twice. 

If you know attorneys both on the federal level AND state level who can be onto this as they were successfully onto it in the voter suppression attempts in the last election call them.  We MUST if necessary take this Republican attempt at presidential election theft to court.  

NOW yet again the Republican mind's ability to think up the most unfair and dastardly attempts to again steal an election will be tried.  They ultimately want to stuff their reactionary backward agenda INCLUDING their wars on women and most especially their suppression of minorities down our throats.  They will even take us to war with Iran!  They are especially, too, coming for your Social Security and Medicare. DO NOT LET THEM DO IT.  ACT NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FOR PROGRESSIVES AND REALLY ALL AMERICANS OF OUR TIME. It literally means life or death.

Remember, Republicans stole the presidency in 2000 and their polices got THOUSANDS of dead in illegal trumped up Bush wars, an economy that sunk to the depths of the sea, and we got 9/11 which may not have happened under a Gore presidency.  Worse, in 2004 Republicans probably stole Ohio keeping Kerry from victory. And YET AGAIN they will do whatever method possible to steal future elections.

In sum, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING!  I paste the video below (ignore the commercial in the first few seconds but stay on to listen to the short discussion).  Feel free to send this to all you know.