Sunday, September 23, 2012

Send Mitt to the ER!!!

Sorry just have to let'r rip.  Romneybot says the poor can get treatment in the ER here or below.  HE IS AN IDIOT?!!!Can this jerk say ANYTHING without putting his foot and this time his whole one in his mouth. WHAT AN AWFUL disgusting candidate. That is EXACTLY what hospitals DO NOT WANT TO DO and why the health care bill was so important. Using ER's for medical care hurts EVERYONE including those that really do need the ER! 

Mitt you are beyond belief -- worse than Sarah Palin if that is possible! It was HE that got ER treatment down in Mass.  MITT YOU TWITT, oh maybe you forget that. Great a presidential candidate who cannot remember his own policy!  

Why we need to re-elect the president more than ever and send the GREAT Elizabeth Warren to the Senate!