Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Gifts

Just in case anyone of us has forgotten or, perhaps, did not know what exactly President Obama did for us let me refresh all of our memories and list, as one blogger did, each and every thing that was done for us by a president who is ABOUT us!
Obama saved us from a full depression
Obama has reduced the deficit by hundreds of BILLIONS
Obama kept us from bankruptcy and a default
Obama has created 27 consecutive months of job growth
Obama saved the Auto Industry
Obama killed Bin Laden
Obama gave us Nationalized Health Care
Obama allowed Millions of young students to stay and thrive
Obama saved our retirements with the stock market recovery
Obama made sure TARP got PAID back with INTEREST
Obama took us out of one war, IRAQ.
Obama toppled dictators in Libya and Egypt
Obama gave women the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Obama saves seniors over $2,000 by closing a drug hole.
Obama Gave people with pre-existing condition Healthcare
Obama reformed Wall Street to protect consumers
Obama put 26 year olds under their parents healthcare
Obama extended student loans and pell grants
Obama gave us no-co pay physicals
Obama gave us better air quality with NEW MPG standards
Obama made sure everyone gets accepted for health insurance
Obama told BP oil to take responsibility for their horrendous oil spill
Obama told Women they do not have co-pays for birth control
Obama told Seniors "no pay" for Preventative Screenings
Obama is responsibly drawing down the war in Afghanistan
Obama gave Small business owners 18 different tax breaks
Obama got Dodd Frank passed into law
Obama told Insurers they must spend 80% of what you pay
Obama brings soldiers home to education + job opportunities
Obama gave Tax credits + CUTS for workers during worst recession
Obama has earned the World's respect of the USA in decades
Obama gave us the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Obama gave us More transparency with earmarks by lawmakers
Obama got rid of DADT in the military
Obama gave Families REFUNDS from their Health Insurance
Obama extended child tax credits to help families
Obama has spent less than any President in decades

Remember, Romney will do the OPPOSITE if elected.

THIS is why we MUST re-elect the president to finish the job and why we must elect Democrats to give him a Congress with whom he can work. This is why if you are from Massachusetts we need to elect the brilliant Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate!


Quick appearance analysis--Second Debate

Debates in the final analysis are about appearances; a look at a watch; a sigh or drinking water non stop. Even with the biting tone, the president came across like a gentleman. Sure he was adamant as he certainly should have been when Romney downright lies. The reply to many Romney lies and half truths was swift and succinct. On the other hand I thought Romney in the second debate was the same as the first in that I took Obama out of the equation for the first debate and felt significantly Romney was a bully, mean and disrespectful to the president.

I place Obama in the second debate and Romney is the SAME a bullyish battering ram. Obama was his usual cool. Moreover, there are other body elements that are telling even though they may seem trivial and that is THE EYES. The eyes tell a lot. Romney was blinking a mile a minute. Sometimes he did so much that he appeared he would even cry although that was simply an appearance. I believe his wooden robototic-like empty suit self would not cry at anything except if he loses the presidential bid which I do think he will. The president, if one watched his eyes, they were steady and slower as if he were talking while having a cup of coffee. He seemed relaxed but adamant.

My take: OBAMA as the days go on will take this as a SIGNIFICANT win. Romney looses it and in some cases, as now indicated by flash polling, among undecideds loses big.

One last thing: Republicans left that room like a speeding bullet. The president lingered on stage longer. Romney was gone swiftly. The press room afterward was ALL Democrats. Last week the opposite was true. That says it all.

My personal editorial comment: I hope the president crushes Romney in the third debate once and for all. There is NOTHING Romneybot is, says or does that does not repulse and nauseate me! A win by him and his utra extremist, nativist, hateful , racist Party makes me start to contemplate my alternatives --Self deportation or I do not know what. I believe IF the president comes on even stronger in the third debate. He WILL win a second term! I am surely happier after the second debate than I was a week ago!