Thursday, September 16, 2010

FORGET DIFFERENCES WE ARE ALL ONE! -- NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE: NEVER, in my decades of watching politics have I ever witnessed an extremist Republican party I see now. It is beyond belief. I have the same fear I had of George Wallace in his third-party racist bid to take the presidency in 1968. BUT the George Wallace threat pales in comparison to the tea bag insanity that now exists. We KNEW Wallace would not win but we do NOT know, and even actually now think, these fascist-type tea baggers composed so often of violent mostly white malcontents COULD, in November, take over one entire branch of government.

Everything we are as a country is ALL at risk. Teabaggers want Social Security and Medicare erased, Medicaid eliminated, health care legislation overturned, financial oversight-regulation curtailed, programs for the disabled and elderly mutilated, education legislation demolished and they would employ a HORRENDOUS foreign policy agenda of perpetual never-ending war probably requiring ultimately a draft IF they eventually win the presidency. These are the policies we risk if Democrats do not win. Moreover, if they have their way there will be permanent tax cuts for the top 2% richest of our nation adding to the deficit as a huge amount of money which COULD come into this nation from the top 2% to help ameliorate the deficit is stopped PERMANENTLY. Teabaggers want further a fusion of church and state as well as many more reactionary attempts to overturn hard won rights and vital programs for the life of this nation; ones which we have fought to achieve and from which we all benefit today!

Ultimately, if tea baggers prevail, there will be NO money for the repair of dilapidated and dangerous bridges, roads, highways and other infrastructure. There will be even less money for police, teachers and fire departments that make modern culture possible. The life-affirming climate change legislation, health care implementation and programs for human needs that we DESPERATELY need as a nation to be competitive in the world will not be possible. The money Republicans spend will be mainly for WAR, the war profiteers and moneyed lobbyists it enriches. There WILL, too, be financial anarchy in a market let lose to run wild with no one to oversee, regulate, control and stop it if necessary. Of course, there will be the ever present FILTHY OIL, its eventual drilling leaks and the smothering air it brings to us and to our children with no alternative clean fuel development.

Even IF the president were to veto, a Republican controlled Congress CAN overrule it and would not hesitate to do so IF they have the numbers. If they finally win the presidency in 2012 it will be NO JOKE. The composition of the extremist right Republican Party is THAT cruel and those who follow it THAT insipid that everything good in the America we know COULD be gone. The tea baggers will step on their own toes rather than have our Democratic president (especially a black one) succeed. Worst of all tea bagger Republicans love their guns. It is a chilling scenario!

We ALL need each other NOW MORE THAN EVER. It should not be so difficult. Some of our base is wounded BUT ALL OF THAT DOES NOT MATTER NOW. If one looks at legislation already passed one will SEE that our president and Congress have crafted and signed WONDERFUL hard-to-pass bills which benefit our entire nation. We have many to convince to do that which seems so simple. November 2 is ONLY 48 days away. Let us FORGET the differences we have and VOTE Democratic in November to prevent this potential devastation. All we have to do is SHOW UP at the polls on November 2 and VOTE to stop this looming national catastrophe. We MUST convince OUR Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents to become ENTHUSIASTIC FAST, show up at the polls and vote Democratic in November because there is SO MUCH AT STAKE NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE!