Friday, August 31, 2012

Made MY Day--Clint Eastwood's "speech"!

If you did not see Clint Eastwood's introduction of Romney to speak last night at the Republican convention watch it here or on YouTube below. It WILL be the talk of the airwaves because it was rambling, nearly senile, profane and rude to the office of the presidency. It was a despicable use of language INTRODUCING Romney to the public in prime time yet. So they do not like the president BUT for Eastwood to use the simulated "F" word bomb in his "act" talking to an empty chair is emblematic of the low, vulgar nature of discourse in our political scene. Many so called "conservatives" in the hall clapped naturally but many did not. I think they knew Democrats would use this to blast Romney. It is why my writing is often sharp because I believe now fire must be fought with fire. It is the only modality of conversation conservatives seem to understand. They are imprecise, impolitic and impolite to say the least .

I thought the conservatives were opposed to the profanity and loose language the late Sixties ushered in. Guess not when it is an African American president they are addressing! Eastwood was rambling, his facts were wrong, he appeared disjointed and disheveled. I bet it did not make Romney's day but he surely made mine!

It is why we MUST re-elect the president and the great Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate.

P.S. Brown's interview with a reporter on the convention floor was humorous if not ridiculous! Sure he just happened by Tampa on his way to his reserve unit? He must think we are as low information as he!