Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Done Dailey Deal? 315 million human beings in this country and you mean to tell me Barack Obama could not find anyone who could (1) get along with everyone and (2) tout progressive policy to fill the vacant Chief of Staff position? Today Barack Obama yet again kicked his base in the teeth. Am I angry? Yes, I am, damn angry that he selected Bill Dailey once I found out from whence Dailey came – JP Morgan Chase and the wonderful world of Wall Street banksters. I thought the president yet again turned his back on his base, the ones who loved him and gave us his posterior. Okay, maybe I'm wrong and Howard Dean, who has enormous respect for Dailey is right. I certainly HOPE so. You BET I was angry though. I was FURIOUS really and I said so to the NYT which printed my sentiments online. This is what I said with a few grammatical corrections:

Having fallen in love with Barack Obama during his campaign in 2008 and celebrated into the wee morning hours after the November, 2008 election, I stand incredulous, scratching my head wondering if this was the man I thought would finally put my yearning to have an FDR-like president occupy, once again, the White House. I thought this man would infuse this nation and me with the same charisma, strength of leadership and purpose with which FDR filled my own parents’ hearts. Having been born three years after FDR's death I had to be content with study of that, as the historian Doris Kearns Goodwin puts it, no ordinary time.

I thought we were in no ordinary time when we came painfully close to economic annihilation. I THOUGHT we were in no ordinary time when we were involved in two and some say THREE bank-busting blood-curdling wars at the same time one of which was utter folly. I put my whole heart into the election of this president but the change is oh so painfully slow and often barely evident on the big ticket items. It is said and I have read that it really was not the president who achieved all that the lame duck Congress did but rather it was thanks to Nancy Pelosi and Leader Reid for its accomplishments. It was they I have read who wielded the most power and cared about the base more than President Obama ever did. He merely signed what they had written. Thank god at least for that.

I am not discounting the things that have been done by this president and passed by the 211th Congress or, most especially, in the lame duck session. Still, the occupiers of the seats of power and administration’s advisers take on a HIGHLY conservative bent so much so that I do not know why so called "conservatives" gripe about anything this president does.

Summers is out, Gibbs is out and others soon will be out. Who comes in? Open the doors wide for Chief of Staff who -- William Dailey of the bankster J.P. Morgan Chase fame. Yet ANOTHER even more Wall Street entrenched adviser will be the gateway to the president. Since day one of the Obama administration I have been asking myself who is this Barack Obama. Who is this man I heard give such rousing speeches that warmed my heart, buoyed my spirits and made me think my prayers for a Rooseveltesque presidency would FINALLY be answered?

I am more disappointed than I have ever been. I am sadder than I have ever been as I see our economy sputter barely lifting its head. It needs more than a band aid to resuscitate it and who does Obama put in grave positions of immense leadership more foxes who killed us poor chickens in the first place.

I will just BET Mr. Dailey JP Morgan Chase had a fine year last year with a firm which was one of the most egregious offenders in our economic debacle. I will just bet his 401K did not tank. I will just bet that he has no worries about getting sick, losing his home or his ability to pay for the next prescription drug. I'll bet Mr. Daley did just fine.

I thought Barack Obama was the most liberal member of the Senate. One could not prove that by me. Where is the evidence of that? Why do I think that Barack Obama really does not want this job? Why do I think he is doing everything he can to alienate his base so that they will NOT show up for his reelection in 2012?

Please forgive my armchair psychology but I cannot help but think that what the first lady was alleged to have said to the French president's wife was the truth. They back peddled it in France a bit but when asked by Mrs. Sarkozy how she enjoyed the White House, Michelle allegedly said: "It’s hell. I can’t stand it!" I think not only SHE thinks that way but her husband and our president does as well. It is the only reason I can come up with for the president to kick dirt in the face of those who loved him and brought him to the dance. It is the only reason why I see no effort whatsoever to bring those banksters who committed those dastardly acts to face prosecution and ultimately jail. Now with a decidedly right wingnut Republican House that is revolting in the extreme and an Obama White House dedicated to the protection of the top 2% I can kiss justice goodbye. It's arc is bending in the opposite direction.

If our president is looking for an invitation to dinner from conservatives I say good luck, Mr. President, with that. You will NEVER be part of their group NOR should you give your base one moment to think that that is what you REALLY want. On the other hand if it isn’t and If you TRULY do not want to be president in 2012, please by all means, abdicate the thrown (oops I mean THRONE) now. At this point, I will take Joe Biden and be thrilled!