Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Penultimate Case for Universal Health Care

An argument here for universal health care if I ever read one!

Climate Catastrophe -- No Time to Waste

Climate catastrophe is what happens when religious extremists and right wing ideological fanatics drive policy. It is what happens when one denies science. Climate scientists in large numbers, except those paid by the oil companies, have been screaming climate change for decades. The best scientists this country has to offer have been warning that man was warming the planet through the burning of fossil fuels. It can be seen over centuries. This means NOT simply a few scorcher days but it means SIGNIFICANT weather events in every season creating unparalleled destruction with rippling effects. 

No matter where one lives one does not have to possess an MIT doctorate to see something out of the ordinary is happening. Whether it is the extreme heat of summer with its droughts, fires, destructive hurricanes and floods to the blizzards of winter we can see it with our own eyes.

We have a country that is saturated with truth deniers and myth believers. Nature will not care as it proceeds under its immutable laws. Mankind must heed the undeniable truths uncovered by science or he will perish. Either man’s superior intellect will ensure survival or his belief in superstitious myth will ensure his extinction. 

We face a Darwinian evolutionary existential moment. The choice is ours and it better be made fast. Either the darkness of ignorance will spawn man's demise or the light of knowledge will ensure new life. Either way science dictates man’s future or lack of it on earth.  Our survival on earth depends upon man working within its immutable laws. Clearly, change is happening fast there is no time to waste.