Sunday, November 08, 2015

Eighth and Ninth Wonders of the World

"Dr. Ben Carson Plays Defense as Biographical Questions Pile Up" -- link here or below.

After what has been uncovered about the probable fabrications of Dr. Ben Carson’s life by him, it is the eighth wonder of the world that this man has gotten to be a Republican front-runner for the presidency, the highest most powerful office in the land arguably the world.

It is the ninth wonder of the world that Fundamentalists and other humans cannot accept truth scientific or otherwise in the face of unmistakable falsehoods of Biblical myth or the mounting evidence of the personal lies a presidential candidate tells about himself.

Those who support him will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the truth even if the truth is in front of their nose because it is so important to their mental health that all of these fabrications and untruths are really true. If they are not true, which a rational mind would know they are not, then I am guessing the Fundamentalists and their world with them would collapse. It is frightening, indeed, when in the face of Carson’s obvious lies he gains not loses support within mostly Republican ranks.

Carson promotes these lies, in my opinion, to make money and oodles of it. One should never give money to charlatans whether it’s people peddling religious falsehoods or snake oil salesmen trying to sell you junk. You may think they care about you but they don’t. What they do care about is their own bank accounts and making millions off the suckers who swallow their tripe. Carson, it appears, is smart enough to float a made up story about his own life that sells to Fundamentalists and others gullibles.

The truths of science and its experts cannot be denied as they ensure survival of only the fittest when its laws are known, admitted and followed. Those who reject the truths science tells us will die out. It is the evolutionary law of nature and it has been billions of years correct!