Friday, October 26, 2012


It’s like a bad accident. I cannot look at it but I cannot look away. I am addicted to polling. It is a very bad addiction because any bad news about the chances the president will be re-elected and I feel despair flood my body.

I am sitting here as if someone stun gunned me. I shake my head incredulously utterly flummoxed as I listen to polling that shows a slight national edge for the president’s opposition. How human beings with a supposedly a superior brain to our animal friends can think that the most powerful nation in the world may just vote in a president Romney who is committed only to that which he THINKS people want to hear and the people --WHITE people mostly-- cheer and think this charlatan bs artist flip-flopper-in chief is convincing them that he has the key to their happiness when the only happiness that humanoid cares about is his own.

We know racism is the cancer that has inflicted the Republican Party and to some degree a percentage of the white undecided voters who think that a vote for Romney will usher in an economic tidal wave of paradise.

They somehow identify with the 1% richest, want Wall Street to go unregulated, want Social Security to disappear so that Wall Street can control ALL of their retirement promising wealth and think Wall Street is SO reliable to give that guarantee. They too want an end to Medicare and Obamacare so then what? Insurance Co.'s HUGELY expensive health insurance tied to your job you will be forced to have when you are 85 and can barely get out of bed. Oh yes, those vouchers that Paul Ryan is touting will pay for what exactly? Maybe a toothbrush in the hospital room?

The American low information voters will probably do just what George Carlin always said -- take it getting nothing at the end of their life and die well before their time with nothing to show for it!

Every Now and Then

Every now and then I must be brought back to earth with a dose of reality which reinforces what I already think. It's simply that I keep thinking that I am alone until I listen to a variety of the UTUBES of George Carlin. George Carlin was the Lenny Bruce of his time. I know I posted him before but it is time for another dose.

I enclose two videos that bring me back to earth and allow me to feel that someone much much smarter than I thought the same things and created an act of genius leaving, when he died, a bunch of brilliant and prescient comedy. We can let it influence our action or not. It's up to us.

Warning though, the language is sometimes rough BUT right on point.

You Have No Rights here or below

The American Dream here or below