Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Superior President -- Obama's Way

If this article "Obama's Way" by Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair Magazine does not make you grateful we have such a superior president then nothing will. He is the exact opposite of team Bush and the antithesis of what a team Romney would most probably be like. It is long (9 pages) but it is worth it. I read it in spurts. I post it here and below.

Yet another reason (as if we needed another) to re-elect the president and send Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate!

A Bitter Taste

It is nothing short of PREPOSTEROUS to wax critical of a president who has been sterling on issues of domestic terrorism while dealing with an Islamic world in transition and a crisis of Herculean proportions the complexity of which is challenging to even the most seasoned Middle East expert. No matter WHAT the president does his DISLOYAL opposition will not fail to use that to be critical. Do they consider American security in that tinderbox part of the world? Answer: NO. Their consideration is to attain power in the form that only the presidency can give. For Romney and his men national security has NOTHING to do with it. If it did his advisors, many Bush men and Neo-Cons would have been scrupulously careful when launching a war in Iraq based on lies. They would have cared that it would cost thousands of American lives and TRILLIONS in unpaid for cash.

We should thank God every day that we have a president who is deliberative instead of one who spontaneously combusts throwing our nation into yet another never ending war risking more American lives by the THOUSANDS, risking even an attack on our homeland and encouraging the heated resentment now found in that discordant part of the world against anything US.

Does one think for one second if the US acted as the unconscionable Romney advocates with no apologies and, as he says, with the full MIGHT of US power that things would go just swimmingly? It worked out so well in Iraq didn't it? How much blood, how much money, how many quagmires does a right wing extremist want to wage and most especially since that right wing extremist often wages none of his own skin?

If Romney is elected the nation WILL get exactly what the right wing extremists tell him he should propose. Romney has NO policy, NO scruples, NO empathy, and NO ability to carefully deliberate these very dangerous issues. Heck he called out the president even BEFORE anything had taken place. What was the statement that he thought so apologetic? The embassy statement was that the US government had NOTHING to do with the gross anti-Islamic film. Why? Because mob anger was quickly forming and threatening outside the embassy gate because of that disgusting video!

Let's talk about the film. Who produced it, who oversaw it, where did it come from? So far it looks like it came from another right wing fanatic and a man who is on a hate group list. One wonders IF those right wing fanatics who are behind that film have ANYTHING to do with trying to foment upheaval and place into the president's re-election campaign a very large road block they THINK will hurt him. Republicans will, as we know, stop at nothing to get what they want. There is NO morality in the Republican Party except what THEY think one’s activity in bed should be.

Mitt Romney JUMPED THE GUN. As the president quite rightly said, Romney is inclined to shoot before he aims. Romney had NO idea of the issues because his statement was released before anything ever took place, did not want to examine the issues, moreover, he did not even want to wait until AFTER September 11 to announce his vociferous angry criticism of the president. He is a despicable man and a reactive one where internationally cooler heads should prevail to save lives.

If the nation elects this unthinking, crazed man, Mitt Romney, who wants the presidency SO much he can taste it and will say ANYTHING to get it, this nation is yet again in deeper trouble. I hope what Romney says leaves a bitter taste in most Americans’ mouths as it leaves a rancid taste in mine!

Why we must re-elect the president and the brilliant Elizabeth Warren for US Senate from Mass.!!