Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Real Moral Majority

NFL players, Brandon Marshall and Nikita Whitlock, have been targeted by ugly racist verbiage written in letters and as graffiti written on the walls of their home. Please know, Mr. Marshall and Mr. Whitlock, as bad as these cruel acts are there are people of ALL ethnic groups who empathize with you and are on your side.

LB Brandon Marshall and Nikita Whitlock, these are disgusting heinous acts that have been directed at you, the innocent. It shows that part of a nation is filled with hypocrites and hate which has been emboldened by the campaign and election of Trump as president. They want to return to an era where this vile speech was spewed continuously and murderous acts committed without consequence.

We will NOT I say NOT return to that era. More of us stand with you LB Brandon Marshall, Nikita Whitlock and others. We WILL NOT abandoned our resistance against racism. Irrespective of Trump's supporters we, the moral majority, stand in support of you!