Friday, June 02, 2017

Bannon's War

I urge you to watch or if you have watched to talk about "Bannon's War" on Frontline.  It explains so much.
Bannon  is about creating chaos, about leaving our former allies in a state of worry and discord.  He wants this as he wants Russia and their white population to be aligned with us in his prediction of a clash of cultures between Islam and the Christian white nations.  He not only predicts this he wants it and wants to speed it up.  This is his insane philosophy
which is now being put into practice and insane of all things it seems at least for now to be working. He reveled in Trump's candidacy and probably knows much
too much now for Trump to let him go.  Trump can't or Bannon my guess is would spill the beans.  There is ZERO loyalty in that White House.  It's all for themselves alone and for no one else.  Bannon and Trump care nothing for anyone but themselves.  Russia is the beneficiary of all of this.
I wait for the economic collapse in fear but Bannon waits for it in hope.  Bannon wants discord among nations our allies and among us a totally split nation.  He will relish 16 million  thrown out onto the street when Medicaid is repealed.  He does not
care and wants only discord and chos.